“Supporting the communities of the West Midlands for the benefit of the West Midlands"

Welcome to the Website of the West Midlands Lieutenancy. On our website you will find useful and helpful information of the role and work of a Lord-Lieutenant and the contribution made by the Vice Lord-Lieutenant and the Deputy Lieutenants in the day to day life of the County.

7 Local Authorities

Area (sq km): 902.09

Area (sq miles): 348.26

Population: 2,808,356

Businesses: 76,100

Map 2.jpg


Area (sq km): 267.8

Area (sq miles): 103.4

Population: 1,101,360

Businesses: 29,520

Birmingham 2.jpg


Area (sq km): 98.64

Area (sq miles): 38.09

Population: 337,428

Businesses: 8,835

Coventry 2.jpg


Area (sq km): 97.96

Area (sq miles): 37.82

Population: 315,799

Businesses: 9,160

Dudley 2.jpg


Area (sq km): 86

Area (sq miles): 33.2

Population: 316,719

Businesses: 7,680

Sandwell 2.jpg


Area (sq km): 178.3

Area (sq miles): 68.8

Population: 209,890

Businesses: 7,560

Solihull 2.jpg


Area (sq km): 103.95

Area (sq miles): 40.14

Population: 274,173

Businesses: 6,975

Walsall 2.jpg


Area (sq km): 69.44

Area (sq miles): 26.81

Population: 252,987

Businesses: 6,370

Wolverhampton 2.jpg