David Bradnock MBE JP DL

Lead of Solihull Group.


Elected a Fellow of the British Horological Institute by the Astronomer Royal Sir Richard Woolley.


Joined the Ebauche S.A. Company Neuchâtel in Switzerland, Joined Henry V Jones and Co, and became financial director, then managing director, Group Chairman and Consultant.


Past Chairman of the Victoria Law Courts - Birmingham Bench, and Appeal Justice in the Crown Court a contributor to the Sentencing Review Committee on the English Criminal Courts and Criminal Justice System.


The UK Defence Academy, Chairman and interlocutor for The Royal College of Defence Studies, (RCDS) International, on the English Criminal Justice System,


Past member Lord Chancellors Advisory Committee.


Trustee of the Birmingham Anglican Diocese, trustee of local Trusts.


Horological Adviser for the Birmingham DAC for the care of Churches and Cathedrals.


Baddesley Clinton Parish Councillor, President of the Birmingham Canoldir Male Choir, President of the Birmingham County Scout Association, President of The National Trust (Solihull).


A member of the Anglo-Italian Society.


Appointed in 2004.