Recognising the Lieutenancy


When representing Her Majesty The Queen and on certain other formal occasions, The Lord-Lieutenant can be recognised by his uniform, which is based on the dress uniform of an Army officer. It is a military-style dark blue uniform with scarlet trim on the trousers and jacket and on the peaked cap, which carries a cap badge depicting the Tudor rose. There is also a sword with a steel scabbard. No Badge of Office exists for a male Lord-Lieutenant to wear with civilian clothes on other occasions.

The Vice Lord-Lieutenant and male Deputy Lieutenants wear a similar uniform (below), although those with former military service – holding Naval, Army or Air Force rank of Colonel (or equivalent) or above – may opt to wear the uniform of their service. There is no uniform for female Deputy Lieutenants, although those who have previously served in one of the Services may wear the uniform of their rank and service in which they last served.

Lieutenancy Badges

Badge worn by female Vice Lord-Lieutenants




Deputy Lieutenants who are formally representing the Lord-Lieutenant in civilian dress may wear the Deputy Lieutenant badge:  England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have different badges. 

The English Lieutenancy badge depicts the Tudor rose surmounted by a crown, suspended on a ribbon (for male DLs) or court bow (for female DLs) of the Lieutenancy colours, white and magenta.

The Lieutenancy badge