Barbara Beadman profile picture

For services to the Glass Industry

Barbara Beadman became a liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers of London in 2004 due to her work across the glass industry. She reintroduced the teaching of glass […]

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Christopher Hall & Jane Cook profile photos

For services to Fostering

Christopher and Jane have been a foster carers since 1996 they have cared for twenty-five children and are well respected by other foster carers and the professionals they work with. […]

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Matthew Gordon profile photo

For services to Vulnerable Young People

As CEO of Spectra First, founded in Wolverhampton in 2014 he supports young people and helps them build and maintain positive, healthy relationships, resolve difficulties and repair harm where there […]

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Prashant Pillai profile photo

For services to Cyber Security and Education

He is Associate Dean for Research and Knowledge Exchange and Centre Director for the Midlands Centre for Cyber Security at the University of Wolverhampton. Throughout his career, Professor Pillai has […]

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Salma Bano Zulfiqar profile photo

For services to Art & Education

She was one of the first Asian women to travel to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan in 2000, to cover underreported stories, through art. Ms Zulfiqar said her first trip was “terrifying”. She […]

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E O'Hara picture profile photo

For services to Children & Families

Founder of All Birmingham’s Children (ABC) and with more than 30 years working in children’s services. Eddie co-founded the charity out of a growing sense of outrage at persistently high […]

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Rosalie Jones profile photo

For services to the Community in Birmingham

For services towards aging and volunteering to the over 60s BAME community in South Birmingham. Her work with the community over the last 30 years has provided well over 40,000 […]

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Peter Oldham profile photo

For services to Scouting in the West Midlands

Peter has been a Scout Leader for over 60 years, within his Group the 114th Birmingham, District and Birmingham County. Peter is the County Vice president for Tame Valley Birmingham […]

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G Claxton-Parmel profile photo

For services to dance and art in Birmingham

Artistic Director of Birmingham Dance Company ACE dance and music, founded in 1997. Her work with ACE dance and music has consistently been driven by her commitment to intercultural collaboration, […]

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