Nomination Form Young Active Citizen Award 2023

We aim to celebrate the spirit of the Commonwealth. Its aim is to bring people together from countries far and wide, or communities from across the city and region. We embrace the Commonwealth values of humanity, equality and diversity in everything we do, our awards will celebrate young people who have shown extraordinary impact on the community in which they live and impacting on the cultural life of the region.
Award criteria: Do you have a young person who you know is making a difference in their community. The nomination should reflect the reasons you believe they deserve to be recognised. We want you to capture the key points below so consider, have they:


  • Used their skills and talents to build and strengthen local communities.
  • Assisted in developing legacy through the creation of improved diversity, understanding and reconciliation via community activity.
  • Volunteered and achieved measurable impact on a specific community project.
  • Overcome personal barriers in order to participate in cultural opportunities in their community (educational institution or wider community)
  • Helped other people overcome barriers and participate in community opportunities.
  • Been innovative in developing or working on a community project
  • Used their skills and talents to help other people to access opportunities in their community.

Share with us the details of what they have done, how long have they been doing this and the impact it has had on others.

Young Active Citizen Award Nomination 2023

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