Beverly is the founder and general manager of Diamond Travel.


Throughout Beverly’s career and the building of her travel agent business, Beverly has always found the time and energy to provide a selfless service to the development of her local community and her beloved country – Jamaica. Over the years, this has been borne out by the many initiatives, organisations and events that Beverly has either been the founder of or has been instrumental in its creation many of which still exist and provide vital services and support to the community.


Beverly became a member of the Rotary Club of Birmingham in 1997 and served as the President during 2012/2013, the first African-Caribbean woman president in almost a hundred years history of the Rotary Club of Birmingham.


In July 2017 Beverly received two honorary doctorates from Aston University and Birmingham City University. Beverly is a committed Christian and is a longstanding member of the New Testament Church of God in George Street, Handsworth Birmingham. Beverly was appointed as Vice Lord-Lieutenant in July 2017 for a three-year term.


Appointed 2013